Realise The Potential

Of Blockchain

Blocksocial is a global consortium of investors, entrepreneurs, pioneers in technology, finance/legal experts and business heads throughout the world sharing a vision of altruistic growth through the use of Blockchain technology.

Blockchain For People

Everyone should have complete control over their personal information. But with present tech infrastructure, thats not the case. With the help of blockchain, it can be ensured that your identity and data is yours only. And only you can choose with whom you want to share it.

Blockchain For Business

With blockchain, your business gets the ability to digitise transactional workflows. Enabling you to transact smoothly and efficiently. At the same time allowing you to reimagine your key business processes.

Blockchain For Planet

Blockchain technology has potential to pave way for more sustainable solutions. It will also make the power grids more efficient, boost energy entrepreneurship. Also, blockchain can be used to incentivise sound practices.

What We Do


Our software arm provides blockchain development solutions to corporates and startups. In addition to that, we also help our clients build custom blockchain solutions.


We enable organisations across the globe to build, test and deploy blockchain solutions. Along with consultancy on how to integrate blockchain technology in present tech solutions efficiently.


Blocksocial is bridging the blockchain knowledge gap. We develop world class online courses and also provide certifications to professionals looking to make transition into blockchain technology.


Blocksocial events are a series of exclusive invite-only across the world. These event are aimed at getting the best of blockchain professionals together to network, present & collaborate.


Blocksocial is always looking for promising blockchain projects making an impact but are short on capital to enable them to grow. Blocksocial provides financial and guidance support to enable their growth.

Social Impact

In the end, it always gets down to how many lives one has changed. Blockchain has the potential to positively impact the lives of millions of people and Blocksocial is diligently working towards it.

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