Blockchain is writing a
revolutionary chapter

Are you ready to be a part of it?

A new technology has arrived to rejig the flow of how the world works. The canvas is blank, and the world is seeking experts to help in bringing the change. Blocksocial plays an instrumental role in creating Blockchain experts to lead and bring the change. Would you want to be the trailblazer?

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Why should you
learn Blockchain?

Blockchain is what the Internet was in the 90’s, upgrading the functionalities across all domains. Termed as one of the most disruptive technologies, the Blockchain holds the capability to address major challenges by different industries and add much required trust to the Internet. Being in its nascent stage, the world has a handful of experts, while the possibilities are endless.

  • 207% increase in Blockchain based job postings (Reference: Indeed Job Portal)

  • 15 out of the 18 most popular industry jobs mention ’Cryptocurrency’ in the description specifically (Reference: Coindesk)

  • Giants like eBay, ESPN and Uber actively looking out for Blockchain Experts

"Bitcoin is a technological tour de force" - Bill Gates

Our Offerings

Course For Executives

To polish profile of the working professionals and provide them with in-depth knowledge of this disruptive technology to lead, solving real world problems and excel in their career roadmap.

Course For College Students

To provide the students with a head start to their career, by imparting the know-how and detailed knowledge of a technology that holds the potential to bring the much needed change to the world.

Short-Term Blockchain Training

To have a clear understanding of the Blockchain technology, its application and impact, to revolutionize businesses and world at large through a one-day session on the said theme.

Blockchain for Universities

Win the race to deliver the best to students by sharing knowledge of the latest sustainable technology with Blocksocial and project their career in the right direction.

Cyber Security
Supply Chain
Internet Of Things
Real Estate

These industries are deriving benefits out of the Blockchain Technology while you are reading this. The possibilities are endless. Are you lagging behind?

“10% of global gross domestic product (GDP) would be stored on a blockchain by 2025” – World Economic Forum Survey. The world requires talent pool to cater the needs of present and upcoming industries. The future speaks of success where Blockchain and Talent meets. Opportunities are out there, are you prepared?

Imagine a world without corruption, errors and opacity of processes. This is what Blockchain does and why it works. Creating frictionless processes and enhancing business efficiency, it facilitates the scaling of enterprises.

Our Key Members

A group of researchers and innovators, striving and striding towards bringing a change to the world by developing Blockchain, directing towards comprehensive growth and creating sustainable possibilities.

Sankalp Shangari

CEO & Founder, LALA World

Ranjit Kumar

CEO, Argo World

Sergey Petkevich

Blockchain Developer, Dubai

Monali Thakker

Country Head, Dubai

Nitash Juyal

Associate Vice President - Marketing, Argo World

Shamik Sharma

Subject Matter Expert - AI & Blockchain

We are creating the future.

Let’s do our best work, together.

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As per our belief, The More the Better, we are growing and expanding continuously on a global level.

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